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Volunteer Testimonials - Rebecca
Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I started volunteering at Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre in October 2015.

June Proctor Body Work and More for Therapy Horses
Facilitated by June Proctor, PATH, instructor, EFL practitioner, Equine Body Worker.
Category: events
My name is Lisa and I am 20 years old. I am from Germany and doing a dual study at the Federal Employment Agency, with a focus on case management. I am very interested in psycholo...

I started volunteering for my Duke of Edinburgh award and also for work experience with horses as I want to be a vet. I enjoy seeing all the riders developing and enjoy riding the...

Equine Assisted Learning Workshop with Sarah Morehouse
Today at Shiresmill we had a training workshop run by Sarah Morehouse an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner from America who is currently studying in Scotland.
Category: news
Sarah's Story
I love riding and grooming Murphy. Riding keeps my back straight and legs strong. I enjoy going outside and talking to the volunteers. I always feel better after being with the ho...

Sensory Riding Park
We are in the process of creating a Sensory Riding Park at Shiresmill. Our vision is to make a park filled with elements to stimulate the senses visually, with sound, through move...

Melanie Göbel
I am Melanie Göbel, 36 years old and student of the Master degree programme “Labour market oriented counselling” of the University of Applied Labour Studies in Germany. My master ...

Volunteer Coordinator
Rose Norton

Recently, I started volunteering at Shiresmill and this was mainly for my Duke of Edinburgh, however, I have been around horses for years. I enjoy seeing all the riders in their e...
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