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Sensory Riding Park

We are in the process of creating a Sensory Riding Park at Shiresmill. Our vision is to make a park filled with elements to stimulate the senses visually, with sound, through movement and with scented plants, all to be enjoyed whilst riding or walking through a setting of outstanding natural beauty.

Since 2012, much work has gone into clearing the site and creating wonderful serpentine trails, as well as erecting horse proof fencing and gates.

This year we have, with the help of some incredible volunteers, created our first feature, a minion garden and wicker tepee.  For more on this, including fab pictures, and other Sensory Park plans see our 'News' section.

Through the hard work of our fundraising team, and the amazing generosity of our sponsors, we have raised over £20,000 for this project.

And now for the exciting part..!  We are looking for creative people to help take the Sensory Park to the next level.  Calling all artists, metalworkers, woodworkers and hard workers!  Are you bursting with good ideas?  If you think you could spare some time and volunteer to help with our Sensory Park, please get in touch with our wonderful Sensory Park Organiser Janis Cuthbert through the 'Contact Us' page.  Come and join the fun!

We'd like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers from Scotia Gas Networks, Tesco (Carnegie Drive, Dunfermline), Lloyds Banking Group and the Nationwide Building Society who came out to help us clear the trails and dig up the roots. They were a tremendous help in moving this project forward. We'd also like to thank the companies, charitable trusts, local groups and individuals who gave us donations and grants to fund this project. They were, The Russell Trust, Yorkshire Building Society, West Fife Woodlands, Dobbies Dunfermline, St James's Place Foundation, Dunfermline Round Table, FMC Technologies, Carnegie Trust, Dunfermline Golf Club, Bank of Scotland, Mary Leishman Foundation, Tesco Carnegie Drive Dunfermline and of course our riders, their parents and families for supporting us with the Shiresmill Games sponsored ride .

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