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My name is Lisa and I am 20 years old. I am from Germany and doing a dual study at the Federal Employment Agency, with a focus on case management. I am very interested in psychology. In my free time, I spend most of my time with my horse. As part of my studies, when I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad, I decided to combine my interests and my hobby. When I was looking for a suitable internship, I found Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre and was invited to do my internship with them.

My internship started on 17/06/19 and will end it on 19/07/2019 with happy memories  and sadness it is over so quickly.. My task was to analize the use of the horse as a means of communication as well as therapy support. In general, my duties were caring for the horses, including cleaning, preparing the horses for the lesson and to do a little warm up with the horses before the lesson starts. In addition, I acted as sidewalker, so I walked next to the horse and helped the children during the therapy session. I really enjoyed this work. The kids just gave me energy and strength. It's so nice to see the happy smiles of the children after the riding lesson.
I was warmly received at the Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre, which made it easy for me to fit in with the team. I was able to get on well because I already knew about horses. My ideas were always accepted thankfully. The handling in the team was really great and I felt very comfortable.

A few fun facts about my internship:
Favourite pony: Rio
Favourite task: Poopicking, Sidewalker
Favourite drink: Black tea with 2 spoons of sugar

My highlight: The handover of Rosettes, Sensory Riding Park

After these great weeks, I look back on the many experiences I enjoyed. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will come back and visit the centre, the team and the ponies.


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