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I really like riding on Harry and love trotting and wearing my riding hat. Riding my horse makes me feel good!


I like coming to horse riding because I enjoy how riding makes me feel. I like grooming and helping to look after a horse when we get to help (Callum).

Horse riding helps Callum be calm after sometimes a bad week at school. Always enjoys his time and always smiling (Callum’s Dad).



I like riding the horses and going out in the Sensory Park. Horse riding helps strengthen my weak side and has also helped a lot with my balance (Erin).

Riding at Shiresmill has been fantastic for my daughter. Her confidence has improved greatly and her posture is so much better (Lynne, Erin’s mum).



I love horses because they are my favourite animals. It’s good how you get to hang out with horses and learn how to look after them. I’ve gotten use to how you hold the horse. How you make it go and stuff. 


I like coming to the horse riding because I love horses and it makes me feel happy when I ride. My horse that I ride is Harry. It helps me with my coordination and balance. I was like a banana when I first started. 


Riding makes me feel relaxed. It’s the only out of school activity I feel included. The staff are very friendly and always happy to help.

Horse riding makes me happy and relaxed.

My son looks forward to riding his horse Harry all week. He enjoys the activities and giving the horses instruction. Staff are always helpful and friendly.

My daughter loves coming riding. Its helped with her core strength, confidence and is a highlight of her week.


I love riding and grooming Murphy. Riding keeps my back straight and legs strong. I enjoy going outside and talking to the volunteers. I always feel better after being with the horses, and I like getting to know all the other riders. 


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