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There are no scheduled events.

Past Events

The events below have already taken place.

Virtual Pony Sponsorship Day
Sunday 10 May 2020

Christmas with the Ponies
Sunday 1 Dec 2019

Our very own dressage competition hosted at our centre. This will be judged on RDA's 50th year by Kay Gebbie who won Gold at the Paralympic Games in Sydney.

RDA 50th Celebration Week
Monday 30 Sep 2019 - Monday 30 Sep 2019

Fun Day 2019 Fun Day 2019
Sunday 1 Sep 2019

A brilliant day out with pony rides, music from Steamer Lane and Reece Hillis, The Dunfermline Guide Dog Group, BBQ, Heavenly Goodies, Fitness Fun, Sensory Park Scavenger Hunt, Owl Magic, Cake N Candy...

June Proctor Body Work and More for Therapy Horses
Friday 2 Aug 2019 - Friday 2 Aug 2019

Facilitated by June Proctor, PATH, instructor, EFL practitioner, Equine Body Worker.

RDA's 50th! RDA's 50th!
Monday 1 Apr 2019 - Monday 1 Apr 2019

All riders and volunteers will receive a rosette after completing a RDA 50th challenge

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