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Friday 2 Aug 2019 - Sunday 4 Aug 2019

Facilitated by June Proctor, PATH, instructor, EFL practitioner, Equine Body Worker.

This course is designed for the therapists, trainers, handlers, volunteers and open to all equine professionals involved with horses who do therapy work. Therapy horses tend to be stoic in nature so are very good teachers of how to recognise the subtle signals they give us in their world of non verbal communication. Here is the Why, What and How of the short course.

Participants are welcome to come one day or all 3 days, the outline will be stand alone for the day. The Target is to work one on one with every horse in the programme. And to spark your interest in continuing, I would like to welcome the participants who are coming back for a refresher from last year. Looking forward to seeing you again and welcome your feedback.

WHY do bodywork for Therapy Horses?

As sentient beings horses are affected by our touch and energy every time we are in their presence and handle them.

This can help us establish better communication and allow the horse to show us where he needs some help. When we are around horses a lot we start to intuitively do things. This course will provide a framework to learn specific skills to release tension and provide some healing for our partners who are helping heal others.  

WHAT can you learn in one day?

Learn to center and balance your own energy first.

Learn to recognise subtle signals and body language of the horse.

Learn about the key junctions of their body and where most horses hold tension.

Learn a gentle body work technique that can relieve tension and bring closer connection.

Learn a 10 minute body check that can be done everytime the horse comes to work.

Learn liberty and bonding exercises for the horses when they are not working.

Learn to mentally, physically and emotionally engage the horse.

Learn how to listen to the horse.

HOW can we do this?

First we will do some of our own energy work to balance and center ourselves. Simple breathing and body scan exercises from Qi gong, meditation and Feldenkrais.

Next with demonstration, presentation and explanation with a horse, Q and A.

Then Hands on learning and practice and one to one Q and A.

More practice.…….

The outline for the course is as follows 
Time 10.00-12.00 - Introduction, Energy work, Demo-Presentation, Q and A.

Lunch break (please bring your own lunch) 
1.00-3.00 or 4.00 - Hands on practice for participants, Q and A.

COST- £5 per person per day.


Please put money in brown envelope marked with your name and June Proctor Training. ENVELOPE MUST BE PLACED



Add your name to participant list in cabin.

Organiser: Jade
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