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Thank you again Amazying Saddlery

Our ponies had their annual saddle fit check this week by the fantastic Laura from Amayzing Saddlery Ltd

Thank you for all your donations that allow us to do these important checks & keep our ponies happy & healthy for the important job that they do.

We would also like to thank Laura who on a previous visit very kindly donated us a ceramic infused rug (modelled by Rio) which helps to warm & loosen up back muscles before riding.

Interesting fact- Did you know that one saddle doesn't fit all (many different saddle sizes & makes on the market) & it's not enough to get the saddle fit checked only once because ponies body shape can change quickly (ageing, weight gain/loss, muscle gain/loss) meaning a saddle that fitted them last year (or even a few months ago) may no longer fit them & can cause discomfort/pain. Saddles should be checked by a qualified saddler.

At Shiresmill our ponies get their saddle fit checked at least annually & sometimes more often if we are concerned about the fit or if they have changed body shape.

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