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Thank you Arnold Clark!

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Arnold Clark who have given us £250 from their Community Fund.

We’ve started our lessons again and must follow Riding for the Disabled guidelines. Suitable equine friendly sanitiser had to be purchased for all equipment. All tack and equipment has to be thoroughly cleaned before each session and all tack and equipment used, has to be cleaned between users. As you can imagine we get through lots of sanitiser and this money has enabled us to purchase a good supply.


We’ve also purchased a large battery (as a spare) to power our electric fences. Also a powerful camping torch to light the way back to the paddocks in the winter when it’s dark.


We needed a new wheelbarrow as our old rusty one was falling apart. Every day we use a barrow to clear the dung from our paddocks. Not glamorous work but essential. This new lighter wheelbarrow will make the job easier.

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