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The Nightmarists Fun Run

On Friday 18th of June a plucky group of runners gathered at the Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre for a fun race. Known as The Nightmarists these guys organise low key fund raising running events across Fife.

Their events are always at night and in the dark. This was no exception as the start time was 11:45pm!


The twists and turns of the trails in the grounds of Valleyfield House made up the flour marked route. The walled garden, the canal/curling pond, the orchard and the ice cave all featured in the first half of the 2.2 mile lap with smaller woodland tracks and tricky rooty paths making up the second half. 2 laps were required to complete the event and 20 participants plunged themselves into the darkness with only their headtorches for help. It was a figure known as The Prince of Darkness that was first to finish.


Everyone else completed the course and had tales to tell of their midnight adventure.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Chris Russell for organising this event and for everyone who took part and raised £105 for our charity.

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