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Colin Figures is a Charity Team Representative working within Customer Services in Lloyds Banking Group. He has been touch with us to let us know that we are to receive a donation of £631.09

Their department fundraises for charities throughout the year, and in January they held a raffle. One of the prizes of the raffle was to be able to choose ‘January’s charity’. This meant anyfunds raised in January would go to the raffle winner’s charity of choice.

One of their colleagues, Donald Cameron, won the raffle and nominated us to receive the funds raised in January. Donald chose us as his charity as we had been a great help and source of support to his niece who has CRPS. A special thank you to Donald for his kind nomination.

We are grateful once again to have such wonderful support from Lloyds Banking Group who matched pound for pound the funds raised from the raffle. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees within Lloyds Banking Group who over the last few years have raised a huge amount of funds on our behalf, and have also given their time to help with maintenance and other tasks at Shiresmill.

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