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Meet our Ponies

Introducing our Ponies at the Shiresmill Centre! They have been trained specially so that children and people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning difficulties and youngsters on the autistic spectrum can ride them.

All of our ponies are now available for sponsorship. Visit our Sponsor a Pony Page for more details.

  • Farewell Parker
    Piebald Cob

    Farewell Parker
    Parker is a 15.2h Piebald cob who was brought to our centre through the Wooden Spoon charity. He was born in 2006. Unfortunately he didn’t have the day he was born on his passport so we decided his birthday would be 23rd November as that was the date he joined us at Shiresmill. Parker has a very kind nature and he is a great confidence giving horse. He will do exactly what his rider asks of him. Parker generally likes nothing better than a roll in the mud. He usually only rolls on one side though so when you groom him he has a clean side and a muddy side. 

    Parker has been retired from RDA work in January 2024 and is now at his current home with Alison. 



  • In Memory of Rio 2002-2024
    Chestnut Haflinger Pony

    In Memory of Rio 2002-2024

    Rio is our handsome Haflinger Pony - known by many of our volunteers as our Blonde Bombshell!  He stands 14 hands high and was born on 1st February 2002.  He has a great relationship with many of our riders, he always seems to know how they are feeling and loves lots of attention and cuddles from his human friends. He is definitely an extremely friendly pony who loves company and is great friends with Harley; they even share their meals!  

  • Farewell Mojo
    Skewbald Welsh Cross

    Farewell Mojo

    Mojo was born in 2008 and is 12 hands high. Even though he appears grey, he is actually skewbald (this is much easier to spot during the summer!).  He is very friendly and often whinnies to say hi! We are delighted that Mojo has left Shiresmill to be with his new family in September 2021.

  • Farewell Harley
    Bay Welsh Section C

    Farewell Harley

    Harley is a beautiful bay coloured pony who's 12.2 hands high and was born on 18th June 2003.  As well as being very handsome and sweet natured, Harley is a real people pony.  He is the first to come when you go into the field and made a close connection with Peat when he first arrived.  He is quite curious and likes to know all that is happening.  Also loves his food, and seems to take most things in his stride.  He is very wise, knowing just where to place himself in the herd for a peaceful life!

    In September 2020, we said a fond farewell to Harley our sweet natured handsome Welsh pony who returned home to his owner for a quieter life after being on loan to Shiresmill TRC for 4 years.


  • In Memory of Star 2011-2019
    Grey Dun Highland Pony

    In Memory of Star 2011-2019

    Star is the youngster of the ponies and is learning his job. His full name is Achnacone Silver Star and he was born on 2nd July 2011. He tries very hard to look after his riders and understand their needs. He is a Highland and food is very important to him so a careful watch has to be kept on his waistline. Star is quite sensitive and likes to be praised when he does things correctly. He loves a good scratch around the ears. He also loves to play with the hose if given an opportunity. He is a very friendly curious pony who doesn't find many things scary. Volunteers have covered him with various toys and waved and banged things around him without a reaction. When tacked up he becomes even more relaxed. He loves going out on hacks to explore new places with his friends and going out in the horse box brings an added bonus hay.

  • In Memory of Gypsy 1995 - 2017
    Clydesdale Cross Mare

    In Memory of Gypsy 1995 - 2017

    Gypsy was our big friendly giant.  She stood at 15.1 hands she was a gorgeous Piebald Clydesdale cross mare.  Born in 1995, she had been with our Group for quite a few years now and loved her work. She was the leader of our herd and a mother to all the other ponies. She was a very placid, friendly pony who loved people of all sizes, and loved to be petted. She has the most beautiful eyes which were 2 different colours.

    Sadly our beloved Gypsy recently passed away after suffering from severe lameness and arthritis.  She had reached the grand old age of 23 and in her 11 years at Shiresmill had performed an amazing job teaching countless riders and volunteers.  She was very well loved by all and will be sorely missed. We feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have had her with us at Shiresmill. 





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