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Star is one of our most recent arrivals.  His full name is Achnacone Silver Star and he was born on 2nd July 2011.   Star has settled in well, finding his place in the herd and, although he is smaller than Parker and Murphy at only 14.2hh, he tested their leadership in the beginning. As he is young he has some teenage attitude, but is put in his place by Murphy. He has been learning about his new surroundings and gradually being introduced to the different aspects that his new job will entail. So far the different games equipment has not bothered him, except that they have to be investigated to see if they are edible, typical Highland! He is most relaxed when he is being ridden and loves to go out and about with his friend Harry.  He loves to have a good scratch at the base of his ears if you can find them under his abundance of mane.

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