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Meet our Ponies

Introducing our Ponies at the Shiresmill Centre! They have been trained specially so that children and people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning difficulties and youngsters on the autistic spectrum can ride them.

All of our ponies are now available for sponsorship. Visit our Sponsor a Pony Page for more details.

  • Harley
    Welsh Section C Pony


    Harley is a beautiful bay coloured pony who's 12.2 hands high and was born on 18th June 2003.  As well as being very handsome and sweet natured, Harley is a real people pony.  He is the first to come when you go into the field and made a close connection with Peat when he first arrived.  He is quite curious and likes to know all that is happening.  Also loves his food, and seems to take most things in his stride.  He is very wise, knowing just where to place himself in the herd for a peaceful life!


  • Harry
    Yellow Dun Highland Pony


    Harry is a beautiful Yellow Dun Highland Pony. He is 14 hands high and was born in on 12th June 2005.  He is a typical Highland and he does love his food, especially if it is green!  Harry has achieved a lot in his 10 years, winning lots of competitions before he joined the herd 2 years ago. Harry has a very gentle nature and is well suited to his job. He is a well trained pony who can do both Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy. 

  • Mojo
    Grey Shetland Cross



    Mojo is our latest addition to Shiresmill. He is a 12hh, 9 year old grey gelding who in his last home was a well-loved, lead rein show pony. He is settling in quickly, making friends with the other members of the herd. He is very friendly and often whinnies to say hi!

  • Murphy
    Black Cob Cross


    Murphy is a black Cob Cross; he's mainly black but has white socks!  He stands 15.2 hands high and was born in 1999. He is big and very strong and is our weight carrier. He is new to RDA work but is a very fast learner.

  • Parker
    Piebald Cob


    Parker is an 11 year old cob. He is 15.2h (although his passport says 15h). Parker has a very kind nature and he has settled in well. His new best friend is Star. Over the winter Parker was in training and has recently started being used in lessons. Not much seems to bother him. He’s not overly keen on the hydraulic mounting platform but is getting used to it. 

  • Peat
    Shetland Pony


    Being a Shetland Pony, Peat stands at just 8.2 hands high, but he has a big personality! He’s very hairy and has little legs but can gallop very fast.  Peat was born on 10th May 1999.  He is presently being trained and when he completes his training, young riders will be able to groom him and learn pony management.  He's a very sweet little guy and has a close friendship with Murphy - we affectionately call them Little and Large!

  • Rio
    Hafflinger Pony


    Rio is our handsome Hafflinger Pony.  He stands 14 hands high and was born on 1st February 2002.  He has a great relationship with many of our riders, he always seems to know how they are feeling. He's an extremely friendly pony who loves company and is great friends with Harley; they even share their meals!  He really enjoys riding to music.

  • Star


    Grey Dun Highland Pony

    Star is our most recent arrival.  His full name is Achnacone Silver Star and he was born on 2nd July 2011.  He is 14.2 hands.  Star has settled in well, finding his place in the herd. As he is young he has some teenage attitude, but is put in his place by Murphy. He has been learning about his new surroundings and gradually being introduced to the different aspects that his new job will entail. So far the different games equipment has not bothered him, except that they have to be investigated to see if they are edible, typical Highland! He is most relaxed when he is being ridden and loves to go out and about with his friend Harry.  He loves to have a good scratch at the base of his ears if you can find them under his abundance of mane.

  • In Memory of Gypsy 1995 - 2017
    Clydesdale Cross Mare

    In Memory of Gypsy 1995 - 2017

    Gypsy was our big friendly giant.  She stood at 15.1 hands she was a gorgeous Piebald Clydesdale cross mare.  Born in 1995, she had been with our Group for quite a few years now and loved her work. She was the leader of our herd and a mother to all the other ponies. She was a very placid, friendly pony who loved people of all sizes, and loved to be petted. She has the most beautiful eyes which were 2 different colours.

    Sadly our beloved Gypsy recently passed away after suffering from severe lameness and arthritis.  She had reached the grand old age of 23 and in her 11 years at Shiresmill had performed an amazing job teaching countless riders and volunteers.  She was very well loved by all and will be sorely missed. We feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have had her with us at Shiresmill. 





  • A Message from the Ponies...

    We are a happy herd of 7 ponies that live and work at Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre.

    We rely on our volunteer friends for so much;  in the mornings we eagerly await them coming up to our field to give us our specially prepared feeds and hay, with a good morning smile and pat!  They make sure our field is safe and tidy, and that we're all looking happy and healthy.

    On different days each of us are taken down to the Centre and we have a lovely grooming session with our volunteers.  They clean our feet and groom our bodies and manes and check us over to make sure we're in tip-top condition.

    When we're being used for rides they warm us up and then get us tacked up with saddles, bridles and sometimes special equipment to suit each rider.  They maintain our equipment and ensure it's clean and in great condition for the lessons. 

    When our riders arrive our volunteers help them to safely mount us and then lead us, or walk alongside us to provide support and encouragement to both of us.  We form special relationships with our riders and our volunteers; we're specially trained so that children and people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning difficulties and youngsters on the autistic spectrum can ride us.  Our volunteers assist with our on-going training and through this we develop real connections with them.

    We love working at Shiresmill and if you think you'd like to come and work with us, we'd love to meet you! Simply go to our 'Volunteer' section.

    Love and nuzzles, The Ponies X








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