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In Memory of Star 2011-2019

Star is the youngster of the ponies and is learning his job. His full name is Achnacone Silver Star and he was born on 2nd July 2011. He tries very hard to look after his riders and understand their needs. He is a Highland and food is very important to him so a careful watch has to be kept on his waistline. Star is quite sensitive and likes to be praised when he does things correctly. He loves a good scratch around the ears. He also loves to play with the hose if given an opportunity. He is a very friendly curious pony who doesn't find many things scary. Volunteers have covered him with various toys and waved and banged things around him without a reaction. When tacked up he becomes even more relaxed. He loves going out on hacks to explore new places with his friends and going out in the horse box brings an added bonus hay.

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