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A huge thank you to Loch Leven Equine Practice...

We caught up with the team from Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre to find out what the ever popular Golden Oldie – Murphy has been up to.

Since the last update Murphy continues to work in ridden and equine facilitated ground sessions with our participants but as he is getting older his workload has reduced.

He still enjoys dressage and lateral work so it’s sometimes easy to forget his age (especially when his summer coat is in and he’s no longer looking like a woolly mammoth).

Murphy is currently getting extra grazing to help him maintain his weight (the rest of the herd are on a “diet”) and he will make it clear when it’s time for extra by giving the gate a kick then a look as if to say “hurry up then.”

He enjoys coming down to our yard paddock for some extra grazing. Afterwards gets his eyes cleaned, his hooves are picked out and when the sun is shining, he gets some sunscreen on his pink nose before heading back to the fields.

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