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The last few years we have done a Christmas charity donation

Usually we ask one of our customers to pick out a charity but this year we are choosing to donate to RDA Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre at Blairhall in memory of friend and customer Helen who passed away earlier this year. Helen had actually picked out our Charity last year.

Hazel had know Helen for many years from Hazels kennel days and she became a regular in the shop once we took over, she was horse daft and so it seems fitting! 

We also added in Annie and Fin’s contribution for their boy Bruno. 

Hazel also dropped off some supplies we donated to Pittencrief Park Peacocks to help keep them entertained while the Avian flu is doing its rounds and they are inside.

Both are such worthy causes and run by volunteers- you can find out more - including how to get involved or support on their FB pages

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