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Here's the latest from our Sensory Park Organiser Janis

Wow - the grass and trees (and weeds!) are loving the summer weather just now.  Colin is doing a

great job keeping the paths cut. Lots of work is being done in the sensory park but also loads

needs to be done - we have had Nationwide workers muck in for 2 days volunteering and their

help was amazing not only in the sensory park with weeding, pot hole filling, tyre scrubbing and

tyre painting, but in the yard with painting the shed and stables and hoeing the outdoor arena.

Task lists are being made up right now for another upcoming day of volunteering by Exon Chemicals.

It's the school holidays at the moment, but the sensory park is on the agenda for the new term at a few

local schools (and also a local Dunfermline Brownie pack) - hint for one of the projects - look out

for the seed bombs at our Summer Fun Day in September!

Maclean Primary School has made a huge effort for Shiresmill; they chose us as their charity for ‘A

Day of Change’ where the whole school had a dress up day and cake stall raising just over £400!

They also had class projects to learn about sensory needs and they made among other items a

stunning mosaic table and a Christmas tree. Thank you so much guys for all your hard work, a

much needed Fly-mo has been purchased for our maintenance team - something that will be

constantly used and appreciated!

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