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Spring Update on our Sensory Riding Park

From 'Bugingham Palace' to a Minion Village, Janis, our Parent and Sensory Park Organiser tells us the latest news from the Sensory Park and what you can do to help with it's development...

Lots of possibilities and ideas are being put forward for the sensory park and the ideas folder that is kept in the warm room is filling up! Alongside the on going hard work being put in by the maintenance team, we are beginning to get schools and local groups coming forward to help decorate and plant small areas within it. The wonderful thing speaking to some of the local school kids about taking part in this project is their enthusiasm and imagination, ideas for sun catchers and wind chimes to games and character planters.

Some schools are already starting to put their thoughts and ideas into pieces that will soon be put in place in the sensory park (there is always room for more schools and groups to come on board! ). Local scouts are designing and collecting materials for their project for the sensory park and we are very much looking forward to seeing their Minion village - it sounds amazing guys!

The sensory park is in such a beautiful and peaceful setting so we are keen to add to what mother nature has already provided and are putting in hedgehog houses and log piles and bird boxes and bug houses (the residents of ‘Bugingham Pallet’ will be the envy of beasties everywhere!). It is not unheard of to see rabbits and deer, and there are many different birds flitting about - if you are lucky you will be able to hear the woodpecker in the local woods!

If your school/work place/ group would like to find out more about helping out with an area in our sensory park then please contact the centre - the total length of the trail that our riders can make use of in therapy sessions is 1KM so there is plenty of room!

We are always looking for materials and items to recycle into pieces for the sensory park, pallets and tyres and old plastic drums to name but a few!

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