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The school are very supportive of Daniel’s riding, he took in his very first rosette and talked
knowledgeabley and confidently about his experience in front of class, even answering questions
about the ponies, describing them all, explaining how to approach a horse, not to go behind them etc.
He even went as far as explaining which buttons to press on the mechanical horse in warm room.
Riding gives him self-esteem, a focus as well as some much needed sensory input during the day.
His confidence has been further boosted by riding with another boy and their wee friendship is such a
lovely thing to see. He says he’s never had friends but chats away to Thomas. As a mum of a boy
with ASD, ADHD and who has always struggled with peer relationships-it is absolutely wonderful to
watch them and learn from them. Without the ponies, I am sure they wouldn’t even make eye contact
let alone have a back and forth conversation! So well done and thank you shiresmill RDA X

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