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The benefits for Brann are many and we feel that these sessions have had a very positive
impact on Brann's development.  Brann has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism. Physically this has affected his development with Hypermobility issues and poor coordination. This means he is exceptionally flexible. Whilst young this is not an issue but as he develops he also needs to develop muscle strength around his joints otherwise he could develop joint issues due to overextension and ligament damage if not properly strengthened. The riding and his time around the horses have helped him with his coordination and understanding of over-stretching at a certain time. But also helped him to develop confidence in his actions even after failure.  

These sessions have also led to him finding confidence and joy in life that does not come easy to him. He knows that he thinks and communicates differently from most of the people around him and often depression can afflict autistic people due to their frustrations over this inability to communicate. But with Brann, his Doctors have said that Brann shows a very atypical ability to emote his feelings, to empathise and communicate.  We feel that this is because of his sessions as he has developed a connection with the horses and can now understand consequential action. Another thing that he has struggled with due to his lack of impulse control.  Both Physically, mentally and developmentally His sessions at Shiresmill have been very positive and continue to help him in his development through his childhood to be better able to live his life to his full potential and not be held back by his neurodiversity. But to learn how to develop his personal talents and abilities. 

Thank you and all of the volunteers for the great work and commitment that you pour into

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