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Lisa Cairns

My family and I immigrated from South Africa to Scotland in April 2022. When I arrived I barely new a sole. I was shown a FB post for Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre looking for volunteers, so I grabbed the opportunity and have never looked back. I was so impressed with the facilities and the horses that it didn’t take me long to throw myself into this wonderful place. The other volunteers were amazing and quickly became my newfound friends.

I qualified as a horse-riding coach in 1995. I converted my coaching diploma to an international coaching diploma; I have an international passport to teach in the UK. I am now on the “Pathway to Coaching” with the Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre. Growing up I had wonderful opportunities to pursue my passion and help a great number of children and adults pursue their dreams of becoming horse riders.

Now a new chapter starts in a new country allowing me to do what I’m passionate about. Teaching
children how to ride and to hopefully love horses and want to learn something new every time they
come to Shiresmill Therapy Centre. The children inspire me every single time.

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