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Rachel Stewart

My background is in accountancy having trained as a Chartered Accountant in Edinburgh. 


My first experience of Shiresmill was as a parent of a child with additional support needs. Due to the high demand we waited for almost a year for a space. In 2015 my son started therapy riding and it was well worth the wait. It was eye opening to realise how much time and preparation was involved for just one session. Besides the head count requirements of having a coach, leader and side walkers for every session there is training, preparation time, pony welfare, site maintenance, fundraising (to list just a few areas) that goes on behind the scenes. 


It is truly humbling to see the dedication and enthusiasm that all volunteers give to ensuring that Shiresmill can continue to provide beneficial therapy to individuals whatever their ability. In this environment they can set aside difficulties and focus on what they can do. 


Seeing this first hand gave me the motivation to give something back and was why I volunteered to take on the role as previously Treasurer and current Trustee.

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