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Participant Organiser

Lesley Furnell

I have been involved in RDA for many years and began volunteering when a previous Physiotherapist moved South. I then completed the training to enable me to offer hippotherapy and also qualified as an RDA coach. In 2018, I officially retired as a physiotherapist but still offer therapy riding as a coach. I am a Coach Developer and on the Coaching team for the Edinburgh and Borders  Region.

I thoroughly enjoy the lovely enabling atmosphere at RDA sessions and am still often surprised by the amazing things that happen when a horse and human meet. As a retired physiotherapist I feel it is a movement session that is hard to replicate by other more traditional methods.

 I love seeing the joy on a participant’s face when he or she take control of the pony whether that be riding or in a groundwork session.  It is amazing. I hope to encourage many more therapists to become involved.


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