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We are a happy herd of 9 ponies that live and work at Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre.

We rely on our volunteer friends for so much; in the mornings we eagerly await them coming up to our field to give us our specially prepared feeds and hay, with a good morning smile and pat!  They make sure our field is safe and tidy, and that we're all looking happy and healthy.

On different days each of us are taken down to the Centre and we have a lovely grooming session with our volunteers.  They clean our feet and groom our bodies and manes and check us over to make sure we're in tip-top condition.

When we're being used for rides they warm us up getting us tacked up with saddles, bridles and sometimes special equipment to suit each rider.  They maintain our equipment, ensuring it's clean and in great condition for the lessons. 

When our riders arrive our volunteers help them to safely mount us and then lead us, or walk alongside us to provide support and encouragement to both ourselves and our riders. We form special relationships with our riders and our volunteers; we're specially trained so that children and people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning difficulties and youngsters on the autistic spectrum can ride us.  Our volunteers assist with our on-going training and through this we develop real connections with them.

We love working at Shiresmill and if you think you'd like to come and work with us, we'd love to meet you! Simply go to our 'Volunteer' section.

Love and nuzzles,

The Ponies heart

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