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Results for Horse Riding

Fraser's Story
I love horses because they are my favourite animals. It’s good how you get to hang out with horses and learn how to look after them. I’ve gotten use to how you hold the horse. How...

Pathway to Volunteering
Volunteers at Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre are supported throughout training by a buddy and of course their favourite horse. There is so much interesting information to learn ...

'When I'm sad it makes me happy'.
One of our fabulous young riders tells us why she likes coming to Shiresmill...
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Tuesday's Volunteering Opportunity - Leaders & Sidewalkers
Lead the way, we'll be right by your side! We require friendly and empathic individuals to lead our horses and support our riders during lessons at our Therapy Riding Centre
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Still amazing things happening at Shiresmill
As you know we have not commenced riding at Shiresmill since the lockdown, but we have been excited to watch the progress of our youngsters learning to control and work with the ho...
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Thank you Co-op and The Upstart Foundation
A huge thank you to the High Valleyfield Co-op and the community of High Valleyfield who have raised £1438.44 for us through the Local Community Fund*. This money will be used to h...
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Lesley's 50km Challenge
Some elves decided to hitch a ride with Lesley and Harry on their way out to finish their 50km challenge!! A massive well done and thank you to Lesley and Harry for their hard work...
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Daniel's Story
The school are very supportive of Daniel’s riding, he took in his very first rosette and talked knowledgeabley and confidently about his experience in front of class, even answe...
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