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Results for Horse Riding

Molly's Story
I like coming to the horse riding because I love horses and it makes me feel happy when I ride. My horse that I ride is Harry. It helps me with my coordination and balance. I was ...

Callum's Story
I like coming to horse riding because I enjoy how riding makes me feel. I like grooming and helping to look after a horse when we get to help (Callum). Horse riding helps Cal...

Erin's Story
I like riding the horses and going out in the Sensory Park. Horse riding helps strengthen my weak side and has also helped a lot with my balance (Erin). Riding at Shiresmill ...

Safeguarding Officer and Pony Welfare Coordinator
Alison McKilligan

Introducing Parker
We realise he has been in some pictures recently but has not been properly introduced. Parker is the newest member of our herd who came to us in November from a trekking centre. B...
Category: news
Rider Stories
Riding makes me feel relaxed. It’s the only out of school activity I feel included. The staff are very friendly and always happy to help. Horse riding makes me happy and rela...

Education Through Horses
RDA isn't only about riding a horse, it is also a platform for learning in an engaging, supportive, rewarding and fun environment.

Lisa Cairns

Scotland's Virtual Kiltwalk-Team Shiresmill
This year Shiresmill is taking part in Scotland's Virtual Kiltwalk and we are needing team members!
Category: events
Therapeutic Riding
In Therapeutic Riding the aim is to teach basic riding skills and horsecare, gradually decreasing the level of assistance required; riding is taught but there is also a focus on th...
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